KaForkL - image programming language

KaForkL is an example for a two dimensional programming language based on image processing. After reading an article about Brainfuck2D, I thought that there should be a better way to program in a two dimensional way. You really miss something, when simply not using the additional dimension. After thinking some minutes about it, I wrote an initial design document and a simple interpreter in the next 2 - 3 hours.

Instead of using ASCII-documents, KaForkL bases on images, which give you a four-tuple for each node (or pixel) - you all know, the four channels: RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha). These four channels all have their special meanings:

It is not really easy to create and debug images. To help with this you can use the IDE written with PHP-GTK available in the repository. It is described in more detail on the according subpage.

You want to see code? Here is the obligatory "Hello world!" example:

Circular Hello World Circular "Hello World" (3 * 5px)

Another more interesting and more complex example is the code to output the text of the famous song "99 bottles of beer" on the left. The examples makes use of forking, conditions and loops. You perhaps want to try the IDE with this one to discover KaForkLs possibilities.

99 Bottles of Beer 99 Bottles of Beer

Btw.: KaForkL translates to "Kores awesome forking language" (after a suggestion by my colleague Kristan). :-)