GPL licensed modular IRC bot

I ended this project and looking for someone to take this over. No more support from my side. For details visit: http://kore-nordmann.de/blog/k_bot_is_dying.html

k.Bot is written in PHP but eludes some of its limitations like no threading support or no reloading of declared classes. Both features are essential for an applications which should run 24/7 and utilize a wide range of modules. But let's take a short look at its features first:

The modules are accessed by simple requests over a HTTP connection. With non-blocking sockets this is an easy way to simulate threads for the modules, put them on external servers, or manage an access control for module with HTTP-Auth. For more details you may read the source or contact me via IRC at EuIRC, channel: #kbot .

Through changing the class for irc connections I even managed k.Bot to connect to a MMPORG (eternal-lands.com). So you can use the 3d client of this free opensource game to chat with another version of k.Bot :-). A picture of an ingame conversation (NannyOgg is the bot);

Eternal LandsEternal Lands