3d library for PHP

Image_3D is a 3D library for PHP 5.

Rendered Formula 1 carRendered Formula 1 car

It may surprise you, that someone writes a 3D library in PHP - and you're right. This is not very useful, fast or featurerich (compared with povray, opengl, or whatever). But it is amazing what you are able to do with PHP and how fast you can do this (bearing in mind, it's PHP). So let's take a look at the features:

Colored spotlightsColored spotlights

And everything of the above mentioned is easy extendable, so you can easily write own drivers, renderers, objects and lights. The package is available at pear . If you have pear installed on your system just type:

pear install -f Image_3D

Otherwise you can grap the archive or check it out from cvs. Richard Davey wrote a great article on Image_3D. And you can get some more information from the talk I gave at the last International PHP Conference on this topic.