Released kPortal successor: Torii - Kore Nordmann

Released kPortal successor: Torii

After a quite long time, a lot of bug fixes and major changes, with several new features, modules and themes, I finally managed to release the successor of kPortal: Torii.

Torii (prior kportal) is a simple but powerful portal application which easily allows writing and adding new modules. Torii includes full API documentation and an initial set of modules for feed aggregation, weather statistics, system information, todo lists and many more...

Torii now got its own website, which can better reflect the work, that not only me invested in the project. It also includes a (rateable) list of nearly all released modules and themes, together with screenshots and installation instructions.

Besides that, we also invested some time in writing end user documentation, so that you may find an installation guide for Torii there, and a HowTO, which describes how you can develop your own custom modules for Torii.

More details can now be found in the release announcement in the development blog of Torii, where we will also blog about all future releases, so don't expect to be informed here any more, but on the new website.