Published article "Image creation with PHP" - Kore Nordmann

Published article "Image creation with PHP"

I just published a article series on "Image creation with PHP" as my personal christmas present to the PHP community, whcih can now be found in the article section of my blog. This is a full guide, covering several libraries (DOM/SVG, Cairo, Ming/Flash, GD) and all the important topics, when it comes to image creation.

The included topics are:


The article and the code for the article remains under my personal copyright and is not licensed under CC by-sa, as usual. I do this, because I am not willing to maintain such a library for now, and the code has only been written for educational purpose.

If you want to maintain the stuff and have time for further development, including writing tests and stuff, we might agree on relicensing the code, though.


Special thanks to Tobias Struckmeier, who pointed me to several typos and potential misunderstandings in the article draft.