PHPUGDO: Workshop application design - Kore Nordmann

PHPUGDO: Workshop application design

Next thursday we will plan the workshop on application design and development, I started to organize in the PHP Usergroup Dortmund . We will use as an example to show other developers how to design and develop an application which suffer from pretty high load (for one server) and pseudo dynamic content. (short gbo) gained quite some popularity in the german web and IRC sphere, as the biggest german IRC quote database. This is what makes the project really interesting for a lot of our groupies. The workshop will focus on some more advanced topics of development and will not show how to code PHP.


Because of this short timespan we will try to use some of the technics commonly described as Extreme Programming , as there are:

I have to thank Sascha Brk (the author an maintainer of gbo) for making this possible. :-)