PHPillow - a PHP CouchDB wrapper - Kore Nordmann

PHPillow - a PHP CouchDB wrapper - Update

I now talked several times in my blog about CouchDb and gave a talk on the PHP Unconference on this together with Nils. I started to use it quite some time ago and now decided to extract the wrapper I am using, which proved to work quite well.

The wrapper is called PHPillow, lays on top of the Couch and offers even more comfort laying anything into the database. :) It has complete API documentation, currently a test coverage of >95%, tutorials and practical examples included. Even I would call it alpha - as CouchDB is still alpha at the current state - you can expect it stay quite stable API wise, as I rely heavily on it in other projects and therefore won't break too much.

CouchDB, as a document based database, is really fun to use and offers some unique features - especially with the really cool view features it has. The website and wiki are good starting points to learn more about it.

You can check the wrapper out at svn:// - I am looking forward to any feedback. More details on the project and usage are included in the README.


I added a small and short project page about PHPillow here on my website at the usual place. It includes the readme and the tutorial which are availabale in the repository.