Released PHPillow 0.1-alpha

First published at Thursday, 26 June 2008

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Released PHPillow 0.1-alpha

CouchDB 0.8-alpha has just been released, and so I am doing a first release of PHPillow. The test suite runs just fine against this version of CouchDb. Thanks to the CouchDB team for its awesome work on this new and refreshing kind of database and really helpful attitude. The database just rocks - I am really looking forward to the ongoing work.

The release is now available on the PHPillow project page on this site, and I am looking forward to your remarks.


RST at Thursday, 26.6. 2008

Didn't the PHP group ask not to use PHP in a script's title years ago?

Pádraic Brady at Thursday, 26.6. 2008

Yes, but it wasn't very successful since a title can still reference PHP as a language without association with The PHP Group.

Looking forward to playing with the new release! I've really enjoyed my short engagements with CouchDB so far.

Jan at Saturday, 28.6. 2008

Kore, congrats on the release!

@RST: That mostly referred to applications like phpMyAdmin and phpBB and not libraries that connect other things to PHP.

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