PHP Professional Training

First published at Friday, 23 November 2007

Warning: This blog post is more then 15 years old – read and use with care.

PHP Professional Training

By order of dynamic webpages and (both german) I gave three trainings, which I just finished. The topics included: "Regular expressions", "Testdriven development with PHPUnit" and "Image creation". The slides are online now and can be found in my portfolio.

All of the tutorials lasted two hours and I just finished the last one some minutes ago.

  • Regular expressions

    After an introduction into the basics of regular expressions, I also cover the extensions in PCRE, up to the very new stuff, like recursion and conditional sub patterns. At the end I repeat the learned and build an expression for URLs wtogether with the listeners.

  • Testdriven development with PHPUnit

    In the slides I present the basics about the test driven development model and then show, how you could write simple tests with PHPUnit, using the new features like the group and dataProvider annotations. After that the talk covers the MockObjects extensions, Selenium and Continiuous Integration.

  • Image Creation

    In this talk I present different image formats, from vector based formats to bitmap formats, show the different libraries and create and explain an abstraction layer, which unifies all the different stuff in a simple API and makes the creation of images easier.


Charles Polisher at Saturday, 24.11. 2007

Regarding "Testdriven development with PHPUnit", very nicely done, wish I could have attended the talk! (It was not clear from your description that the slides are in English.)