New phpUnderControl release

First published at Saturday, 24 November 2007

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New phpUnderControl release

phpUnderControl 0.2.0phpUnderControl 0.2.0

Manuel just released a new version of phpUnderControl, which is now hosted on and got a new layout. After convincing him to really release his good work in the first place, I am happy that I could help again getting this stuff into a better usable state, by providing a new layout. This layout just fulfills the very basics requirements of such a content focused web application, using tango colors, and icons I made some time ago for the phpunit-gtk-runner.

If you now wonder, that I am layouting something - I am usually not - and won't, if you ask me. This is only one thing I seldomly do for friends, when I can help them with some open source project - and there are a lot of things I am better at, then layouting.