New Image_3D release - Kore Nordmann

New Image_3D release

The new release of Image_3D (0.4-alpha) is out. It was quite some time ago, Richard Davey wrote his great introduction into Image_3D . He asked for some different types of lights, I didn't thought of, when I released Image_3D first. This needed a minor change in the API you use to create lights, but offers some great improvements. See changelog for details. You are now able to instantiate four different types of lights:

Bezier curve with spotlightsBezier curve with spotlights

As always you are able to create your own types of lights.

I added a object which allows to create bezier areas from an array of points. Perhaps this one can be used to implement truetype fonts, but I hadn't enough time to dig into this, yet. I created a small animation which shows a cosinus sinus curve with some spotlights. I really suggest to have a look at this one (633 kb).

I the tomorrows issue of the german php magazine "PHP magazin" you'll find an article on Image_3D in which I describe the features and basic concepts behind this class.

For the next release I will try to create some tutorials and complete the API documentation for Image_3D. As you can see in the todo, The API is quite stable, and most of the features we need to implement in the basic classes are done. Textures are not, but I don't think they fit into the current design. If there is something you want to see in Image_3D, what is not implemented or on the todo drop me an email or leave a comment.