Kportal released

First published at Sunday, 18 February 2007

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Kportal released

kPortal is a very simple portal application which easily allows writing and adding new modules. kPortal includes full API documentation and an initial set of modules for feed aggregation, weather statistics, system information and todo lists.

Where is the need for another feed aggregator, aren't there enough outside?

Kportal probably only fills up a niche - my initial goals when writing this portal application were:

  • Browser friendly

    No massive use of ECMA script to minimize the needed resources, the browser uses to render the portal.

  • Server side configuration

    I simply do not need a complex AJAX-interface when configuring my portal - I do this once, and perhaps add another feed from time to time. This is far easier and faster to do with a simple server side XML file.

  • Fast loading and always up-to-date data

    I want the initial loading of the portal to be fast - very fast, because it is my starting page in every browser. The real data is fetched asynchronously when the portal is already loaded. Depending on the module the data will be refreshed from time to time without reloading the complete site.

  • Easy modularisation

    It should be very easy to write a new module - and indeed, it is. :-)

So why do you want to try out kportal? Some possible reasons:

  • You don not want some companies to be able to aggregate personalized statistics on your feed usage.

  • You always wanted to have some special custom module in your portal and couldn't get this integrated with some major portal.

  • You do not need all the fancy AJAX stuff and only want something that works and consumes really few resources in your browser.

You can download or check out the portal software . More detailed information about the modules can be found on the dedicated module page .


Markus Wolff at Sunday, 18.2. 2007

Is it written in PHP or in KaForkL?? :-D

Aaron at Sunday, 18.2. 2007

echo ("portal application" == "framework")?"Awesome":"Don't waste time, build a cool app instead of YAF!";

// Just kidding, sounds cool ;)

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