KaForkL IDE (alpha)

First published at Saturday, 17 February 2007

Warning: This blog post is more then 17 years old – read and use with care.

KaForkL IDE (alpha)

As Toby already mentioned two days ago, I recently had the idea to write some kind of a small programming language using some benefits images offer over normal text files: They are two dimensional and you can consider each pixel as a four-tuple which enables you to encode a bunch of information in each point of your image. I added a rough description on my website.


But the main point is, that I discovered, that it is quite hard to write programs without being able to use my normal development environment (vim). So I wrote a small (still very alpha) IDE which helps a lot writing KaForkL programs. Thanks to the php-gtk guys , who made it possible to write such a thing within only a few hours, by their hard work they put in this fantastic extension. You can see a screenshot on the right.

99 bottles of beer99 bottles of beer

Using the IDE I was able to write a better "99 bottles of beer" example, which now makes use of loops, conditions, the stack and forking. Check it out and try it using the IDE - it's fun to see the processors walking all over the image :-).

As usual you can find everything available in a svn repository .

You all already thought, that I am mad, didn't you?

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