k.Bot is dying

First published at Friday, 5 January 2007

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k.Bot is dying

The last support request was to much. I noticed that I do not have time to add some of the required patches to k.Bot earlier and just said, that I perhaps will do that later - but this "later" already passed some times.

From now on, I will not support, but still use, k.Bot. There won't be any more releases from my side.

I would be happy to hand over the full source code to another developer who feels capable to do the needed development. To help, I offer:

  • svn repository (of course with commit rights)

  • Web space (if needed)

  • Links to the new project site There are some things which should be done in the near future:

  • Check if the bot works with newer versions of PHP (for now only 5.1) and MySQL

  • Auto-detect available database drivers

    • Perhaps add a PDO driver

  • Add patches

    • Module for administration over IRC (Maikiboy)

  • Add features and fix bugs

    • set_time_limit sometimes does not work correctly

    • Make channel names case insensitive

    • Make topic changes available for bot

    • Probably more...

If you want to help me out here, please drop me a mail at mail@kore-nordmann.de, and use a descriptive topic containing "[kbot]".


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