IPC 11/07 - Publishing talks

First published at Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Warning: This blog post is more then 15 years old – read and use with care.

IPC 11/07 - Publishing talks

I just finished my both talks at the IPC 07, a quick talk on MockObjects and a talk abaout regular expressions including a description of the new features, like condidtional subpatterns and recursive matches.

The talks are available in my portfolio as usual.


  • Quick talk: Mock Up Your Objects

    For the quick talks we only had 15 minutes to talk about our topic without any beak between the talks at 20:00. The talk was very well attended and the audience was attentive. The talk went really well and I got good feedback. Because of the short time the slides may not offer that much information and you better check the more extensive slides from Sebastian on this topic.

  • Regular expressions - Doing Magic With Text

    Even the talk was a 8:30 in the morning, the room was full with people and I at least had the impression, that even at the end of session, when it came to conditional subpatterns and recursive pattern matches, that the attendants still understood what I was talking about ;). Especially the recursive stuff I will blog again about later, but you may get some interesting stuff from the slides.