Installing cairo_wrapper on Gentoo - Kore Nordmann

Installing cairo_wrapper on Gentoo

I tried to install the cairo_wrapper by Hartmut on my gentoo machines, to play around with it, and probably writing an output driver for Image_3D , but I had some problems installing it, I want to share.

phpize failed with different php versions with this error:

/usr/bin/autoheader-2.13: Symbol `<file>' is not covered by /usr/share/autoconf/acconfig.h

The problem was, that on my Gentoo, the default autoheader version is 2.13, even I have 2.60 installed, too. After contacting Hartmut, who said that he uses autoheader in version 2.59 this line fixed my problems:

# export PHP_AUTOHEADER="autoheader-2.60" && pear install # php-baustelle/cairo_wrapper-beta

If you want to install cairo_wrapper, by yourself you should of course discover the channel first:

# pear channel-discover

Thanks to Hartmut for providing this package! :-)