FrOSCon - Rescheduled Talks

First published at Tuesday, 21 August 2007

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FrOSCon - Rescheduled Talks

The new updated timetable is available now at the known location. The major changes are:

  • Dericks talks were moved from sunday to saturday.

  • Sammy and Arnes talks are a bit earlier on saturday.

  • Sebastians talk about PHPUnit moved to sunday.

  • Falkos and Stefans talk about "Open Your Services to the Public!" moved to sunday, too.

  • Thomas Weinert now gives a talk on PDF generation using XSLT and fpdf.

  • The man behind - Boris Erdmann - talks about OpenID.

At all, I think this is a amazing list of talks and people we got together in the PHP room and I am looking forward to meet you there.

Even my talk about tagging has been removed in favor of the talk about OpenID by Boris, you may discuss this with me at any time at the conference and I will be available both days.


Jan at Tuesday, 21.8. 2007

The usual location being

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