FrOSCon 07

First published at Sunday, 26 August 2007

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FrOSCon 07

I just uploaded the slides from the talk I just finished on "PHPotter - Dooing magic with PHP" on the FrOSCon, originally proposed by toby, for whom this conference sadly overlapped with the only chance to have some holiday, so that I took over the talk - and modified its contents ;).

The talk was mainly about crazy / funny / weired stuff you can do with PHP, some interceptor and SPL stuff (not on the slides) and bashing the usage of AR as an ORM - I will elaborate about this here soon...


Even the event is not over, nearly nothing can now happen that could me feel bad about taking part again. It is an amazing conference - a geeky cosy athmosphere - with a beer flatrate sponsored by O'Reilly and hot sausages sponsored by Google at the social event yesterday in the evening.

The PHP room runs very well with very interesting talks and quite a lot attendees. I want especially mention Henri, whose talk I actually more or less missed haccking, because of the term "Mdigard CMS" in the title, but especially in the evening we had a really interesting chat about semantic markup in RSS, tags and stuff - which also has been subject of his talk I recognized too late. ;)

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