eZ Components book in the press

First published at Sunday, 30 September 2007

Warning: This blog post is more then 15 years old – read and use with care.

eZ Components book in the press

Tobys and my book about eZ Components, published by Galileo Computing, has passed the second gelley-proof and will be published very soon.

eZ Components bookeZ Components book

As Toby blogged earlier we invested quite some work into this project, and somehow I feel sorry for the time not invested in other projects, but once we will have the finished book in our hands, and not just the gelley-proof PDF, I am sure, that the work will prove as worth the effort.

The book is german only for now, but if you want to start with developing or just get some insight on an advanced enterprise component library you should definetly take a look at the book. As it is in the scope of the compnonets, we are also talking and explaining various patterns on real examples and describe the two database abstraction mechansims you get with the eZ Components.

You can find more information on amazon, or your book store of choice.