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ElePHPant & Photos


As a christmas present from Toby I finally received my personal elephpant plush toy. YAY! And thanks to Damien, who made this wonderful plush toy possible. The picuture has of course been taken with another of my christmas present, a DSLR.

I dislike services like flickr, where I don't have any real control over my pictures, or the user interface to use them with, nor some version control. So I added a new extension to the Web Content Viewer (WCV) I use to display my website (and some other), to display those images.

The polaroid thumbnails are one of the nice stuff implemented in the really nice new iMagick extension. Mikko has a lot of other similar examples in his blog.

Only for the EXIF data, I am still bound to exiftools, because the camera makers encode a lot of information in maker specific file headers, which are not extracted by iMagick. Exiftool though offers a really nice interface to all these information. Exiftool even allows to read and write XML in the file headers, using the XMP standard from Adobe. This way I also embed license and author information in the images, and display them in the gallery.

Some of my images are also available on Wikimedia Commons, which more and more becomes a really valuable ressource for free media files.