Arne Nordmann gives a talk about Zope 3

First published at Monday, 30 July 2007

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Arne Nordmann gives a talk about Zope 3

We are glad to present another talk in the PHP Usergroup Dortmund. My brother Arne Nordmann will give us some insight and structural undestanding how the platform / application server / server / library Zope 3 works, and what we could learn from this software for future PHP projects.

After the talk, we - the PHP guys - can of course tell him, how he could have done this better with $php_framework...

The talk will - as usal - take place in the german eZ office at around 19:00 next thursday (02.08.07). You can locate the office on the ez homepage, on our small map, or just dropping by using your favourite transport mechanism at:

eZ Office Emil-Figge Strasse 80 44227 Dortmund

May be we will have somme pizza and beer, but for sure there will be some interesting discussion and - as usual - a lots of cool guys to chat with.

See you there.

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