PHP project room at FrOSCon 2013

First published at Saturday, 25 May 2013

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PHP project room at FrOSCon 2013

For the eigth time we will be at the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) in St. Augustin, near Bonn. This time we will organize the PHP project room again. We also offer space to discuss related topics, or just hack with other open minded people around you. We would love to welcome you at the PHP project room.

FrOSCon is a conference organized by geeks for geeks. One of the awesome things about FrOSCon is, that you will not only meet software developers, but also hardware geeks, telephony geeks, knitting geeks, gaming geeks. Prepare for that. :)

Since this is the case you can come up with rather esoteric and complex topics you would not present elsewhere. Please submit your talks to the Call for papers: -- the Call For Papers will end at 13.06.2013.

Our website dedicated to the subconference can be found here:


Kore at Friday, 11.3. 2016


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