Starting Qafoo logo contest

First published at Monday, 10 May 2010

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Starting Qafoo logo contest

We are starting a logo contest for Qafoo now, and you can win 350€ (~450$) in it!

As announced earlier Manuel, Toby and me are currently in the process of founding Qafoo, a company, which will provide cosulting around the quality lifecycle of PHP applications. We already discussed the name and the tagline of the company publicly in our blogs and started a twtpoll to see which tagline you'd like most.

Based on the poll and our own preferences we decided for the tagline:

A passion for software quality.

So, now, it is time to start a logo and business card contest. We have chosen the platform 12designers. Our expectations for the logo are:


Expectations for the logo:

  • The logo must contain the words "qafoo" - the words are not case-sensitive

    • The name is pronounced ['kwɑfuː].

    • The logo may contain the tag line "A passion for software quality".

    • The subject of the company is consulting on "the quality lifecycle of PHP applications".

  • There are no color preferences.

  • The logo style should be dynamic & fresh. The target audience are managers and software engineers. The logo should represent "innovative, reliable, professional and high-quality".

  • The logo should be usable on a website, on business cards and maybe print. The web target is most important. Thus the logo may contain gradients.

Formal expectations:

  • The logo and design should be available as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

The competition

We chose 12designers to host the contest. Please submit your logo ideas and help us to find an awesome logo and business card design!

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