Standardization of ontologies

First published at Wednesday, 13 May 2009

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Standardization of ontologies

For university I "had" to write a paper about the standardization of ontologies, focussing on the historic evolution, the associated technologies and the theoretical background of logics. To cite the introduction of the paper:

The last years showed different approaches of representing ontologies and integrating them with existing data. The process of integrating the different approaches and tools around ontologies can be viewed by different main characteristics. This paper will take a look at the historic evolution of ontologies and related technologies, the influence and development of related tools and the theoretical background of ontology definition languages together with the resulting inference complexity.

Kore Nordmann

The paper will give you a general overview on ontology definition langauges and the associated problems and algorithm complexity. It includes lots of references to other papers which cover the mentioned topics in more depth and therefore should be a good starting point for everyone with general interest in this topic.

I explicitely license this paper under CC by-sa so it may serve as a base for more detailed papers on similar topics, or might even be integrated on Wikipedia, for example. I, at least, plan to do that with the German Wikipedia once time permits. Because of this I can provide you with the source files for the PDF, which are SVG graphics and the main LaTeX document together with the bibliography. Just drop me a mail, if you are interested.

I hope nobody gets upset because I published this also in the PHP category, but this topic really might influence web development more and more in the not so far future. You might want to start caring about the semantic web.


Andy Wenk at Thursday, 14.5. 2009

Hey Kore,

really cool paper with a lot of information. Helps a lot to understand the history and maybe upcoming ontologies and their markup. Thanks a lot for sharing it.



Shared Sh. at Thursday, 14.10. 2010

frankly speaking I always considered this topic to be too complicated for an ordinary person, eager not to make a work like this a base for more detailed papers on similar topics, but just eager to understand it. with your help I got some understanding of the idea and I'm extremely grateful for that. perhaps you could suggest some other works you read and used for writing this one? that would be much appreciated.

Lingua at Saturday, 15.1. 2011

Great paper, I especially liked the picture about the history of ontology related technologies. Too bad I heard a lot of bad review of HTML5 concerning the privacy. Online Wall Street Journal had a nice collection of articles on privacy on the web, by the web. Again, great article and best regards.

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