Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do I need to install k.Bot?

  2. Is it possible to run k.Bot on a webspace account?

  3. How do I install k.Bot?

  4. Why does the webinterface shows nothing?

  5. The bot does not join any channel, though I created them in the admininterface.


  1. You need a PHP-Version > 5.0 and an Unix-OS. The bot should run on Windows, too, but this is not tested by me.

    The bot has an admininterface to configure it easily. To use this you need an installed webserver (like apache or lighttpd) and a browser. You can either install the php and apache with the packagemanager of your distribution or use prepared packages like these from (for Windows and Linux).

  2. No. This has several reasons:

    • Most of the webspaceproviders does not offer PHP5 yet

    • Most of the webspaceproviders enable safe_mode (a php.ini constraint) which will cause the botscript to exit after a pretty short time (mostly 30 seconds)

    • Some functions (like the backtick-operators) are disabled on most of webspaceaccounts

    • The best way to start and stop the bot is via shell - you do nott have one in most of the cases.

    I think it is quite understandable that webspaceproviders does not want to offer the possibility to run such scripts on their hosts, and forbid this in their business conditions.

  3. Follow the instruction in the INSTALL file provided with the bot.

  4. This should only happen with older versions of the bot. In most cases it was a wrong database extension in your configuration or an outdated version of PHP. Have a look at the output of phpinfo(); to see which version of php and which mysql extension is installed.

  5. Just wait some minutes. With the standard configuration the bot tries to join the channels 10 seconds adter he got started. If the bot could not connect until then this will fail. After this the bot will update the channels to join (and perform the joins) each 5 minutes. This timespan is defined in KBOT_REFRESH in the bot file.