k.Bot - Downloads

GPL licensed modular IRC bot

I ended this project and looking for someone to take this over. No more support from my side. For details visit: http://kore-nordmann.de/blog/k_bot_is_dying.html

You can download a copy of k.Bot here. You'll find instructions how to install k.Bot in the INSTALL file in the archive. k.Bot is released under GPL. If you have problems installing it you may look at the FAQ or the source. There is NO way to covince me to help you with this software.

Optain from VCS

The latest release in the SVN repository may contain pathes which are not release so this is probably the best way get the bots source.

svn co svn://kore-nordmann.de/pia/k.bot

Download old releases

Here are some of the old releases with the corresponding changelogs.


Bugfix release for MySQL 5.0.

- Fixed MySQL5 compliance - thx to Martin Holzhauer - Fixed: Authorization bug (bot did not proceed possible modules, when one modul does not have sufficient rights) - Fixed: Uname command to work with more systems - Fixed regular expression in google module for parsing search results - Moved mysql- and admin-configuration to classes/config.php - Added a more detailed description for KBOT_TIMEOUT - Several minor fixes



Bugfixrelease to get k.Bot working with PHP 5.0.5 and 5.1.

- Fixed code according to changed reference handling in PHP 5.0.5 and 5.1 - Do not use {} for accessing strings any more



Last real release of k.Bot. We're working on a complete new version with a complete restructured and rewritten core. All modules will still be useable.

- Removed wheather module (due to legal problems) - New and improved messageparser for IRC messages - Several fixes in the mysqli extension - Minor bugfixes



Major core changes results in the new version 3.2.

- English translation - Asynchronus module communication - More fine grained accessrights system - Password protection for the administration interface - Support for password protected channels - Windowscompability - New design for the administration interface