PHP @ FrOSCon 2010 - Kore Nordmann - PHP / Projects / Politics

Kore Nordmann - PHP / Projects / Politics

By Kore Nordmann, first published at Tue, 03 Aug 2010 08:25:38 +0200

PHP @ FrOSCon 2010

This years FrOSCon - one of the most awesome open source software conferences - is right ahead and we are organizing a PHP track again this year. We want to thank all speakers who made it possible to publish this awesome program. And I want to especially thank Christian, who helped a lot organizing this years PHP track.

Beside the PHP track there is also a main track on the FrOSCon, which hosts several web related and otherwise interesting talks. But the FrOSCon is not only about the talks and session, it is also a very big exhibition of numerous open source projects.

With a very open and relaxed atmosphere it is one of my favourite conferences. I would love to see you there. I personally will talk about my current pet project: Arbit.

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